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Stainless Steel Linen Hanging Trolley
1219L x 406W x 1828H mm
MODEL: HC-04-010
Epoxy Clean Linen Trolley
720L x 530W x 1730H mm
MODEL: HC-04-013
Stainless Steel Soil Linen Trolley
920L x 680W x 800H mm
MODEL: HC-04-014
Epoxy X-2 Trolley
760L x 550W x 950H mm
X2T-504/EX (GR)
MODEL: HC-04-015
Stainless Steel Maid Trolley
1486L x 559W x 1168H mm (Big)
1310L x 559W x 886H mm (Small)
MODEL: HC-04-016
Epoxy Maid Trolley
1486L x 559W x 1168H mm
MDT-206/EX (GR)
MODEL: HC-04-017

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